Jacksonville Pool Demolition

Jacksonville Pool Demolition

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Jacksonville Pool Demolition2022-12-05T22:04:55+00:00

We handle 100% of the swimming pool demolition process,
from permitting and inspecting to compacting and grading, so all you have to do is call.

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Do you have an old, unused swimming pool on your property? Is it time to say goodbye to the family pool? Are you searching for an easy way to make your pool disappear?

We are Remove A Pool, and we provide fast, comprehensive swimming pool removal services in Jacksonville to discerning homeowners who are looking for a simple, hassle-free solution to their unwanted pool.

Whether you need us to demolish a poured concrete pool, a one-piece molded fiberglass unit, or a custom-build pool made of natural stone, you can rest assured we’ll take good care of you and your property. We take care of every detail involved with disconnecting and demolishing your pool, removing the debris, and restoring your yard using methods that are safe, efficient, and environmentally-responsible.

Your Local Jacksonville, Florida Swimming Pool Removal Experts

For over 25 years we’ve been providing reliable, effective pool removal services. During that time, we’ve helped countless homeowners enjoy relief from their unwanted pools while building our reputation as the most professional, most reliable pool demolition company in Jacksonville.

We are screened and featured on both Houzz and HomeAdvisor.com, and we’re recommended by the National Association of Realtors. All of our swimming pool removal team members have successfully completed in-depth background checks and advanced safety training for your peace of mind.

Fully Licensed and Insured Pool Removal Services

As the preferred provider of hot tub and pool removal services in Jacksonville, we carry comprehensive workers’ compensation, vehicle, and liability insurance that exceeds industry standards. All of our tradespeople are fully licensed to work on the high-voltage electrical connections, plumbing and gas lines involved with pool demolition, and our standards meet or exceed all local, state, and federal building codes.

We Tackle The Tough Pool Removal Projects

Here at Remove A Pool, we have the skills, experience, and equipment it takes to safely demolish and remove any size or type of pool.

We can handle challenging jobs like removing indoor swimming pools, dealing with pools that are partially collapsed, and dismantling pools that are located in areas that can be difficult to access.

Our crew of Jacksonville, Florida swimming pool removal contractors will take the time to carefully plan the project out in advance, ensuring that your landscaping, buildings, and neighboring properties are protected while we work.

And because our services include complete site remediation, once we’re done your yard will be level, safe, and ready for your next project. We’ll even plant fresh grass seed upon request, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your nice, spacious yard.


WHY REMOVE A SWIMMING POOL?2022-12-05T16:04:21+00:00

There are several reasons you may wish to fill in your swimming pool:

  • Pools can be dangerous, or even deadly, to children, pets, and the disabled.
  • Pools generally take up a lot of space in your backyard.
  • Pools require constant upkeep to maintain.
  • If you’re selling your home, a swimming pool can drive some buyers away.

Whatever the reason you have for wanting a pool removal, it’s important that you contact a professional to do the job. Pool removal is regulated by the State of Arizona,Texas,Florida and must meet strict criteria to pass the demolition and fill inspection. Many fly-by-night companies and moonlighters offer pool removal services at cheaper rates than the professionals, but you will run into serious problems if you ever try to build on the land or sell your home in the future.


The cost of inground swimming pool removal is based on several factors:

  • The size and shape of the pool.
  • The materials used to build it (tile, granite, etc.)
  • The depth of the pool.
  • Whether it will be a full or partial removal.
  • Local codes relating to material removal, debris handling, and fill requirements.

While we can give you rough pricing over the phone, we’ll need to be on site to give you a more accurate estimate. Call today to schedule your free in-home estimate.

HOW DOES POOL DEMOLITION WORK?2022-12-05T16:01:52+00:00

A pool demolition job begins with one of our team members visiting the site to assess the situation and bid the job. Our team member will give you a full consultation that covers the costs, requirements, and timeline of your pool removal.

Once you have signed off on the job, work will begin. First, we will drain the pool to the sewer system or transport the contents in a liquid truck, if necessary. Then the entire shell of the pool has to be demoed and hauled to a disposal site. All electrical, water and sewer lines must be capped. All electric components, including the one on the breaker box, must be removed. Then the excavated hole must be backfilled with clean fill dirt. The top two feet should be filled with topsoil to accommodate new landscaping. Finally, the soil is compacted to provide a firm foundation and steady footing for new construction.

WHAT IS PARTIAL POOL DEMOLITION?2022-12-05T16:01:14+00:00

If you plan to build a structure on your former pool, a partial pool demolition can save costs and is adequate for landscaping.

For a partial pool demolition, 12 inches of gravel is laid to cover the bottom of the pool before the sides are demolished and mixed with clean fill dirt. All electrical, water, and sewer lines are capped, any electrical pool equipment is removed, and the dirt is compacted. Finally, the dirt is graded to provide solid footing that is suitable for landscaping or gardening.

Partial pool demolition can help homeowners reduce the cost of a pool removal, but if you plan to sell your home in the next 3-5 years we strongly recommend a full demolition.

CAN YOU REMOVE MY POOL?2022-12-05T16:00:40+00:00

Our team is equipped to handle:

  • Gunite pool demolition
  • Fiberglass pool removal
  • Vinyl swimming pool demolition
  • Inground pool removal
  • Indoor pool demolition

Absolutely. We work with landscape design and build experts to not just remove your swimming pool, but replace it. Involving landscape designers early in the pool demolition process means we can coordinate the timing, materials, and other variables to help your landscaping project stay on time and on budget.

DO I NEED A POOL DEMOLITION PERMIT?2022-12-05T15:57:48+00:00

Cities require permits for pool removal for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Ensuring that the right kind of soil is used and that it won’t damage the environment
  • Ensuring that the demolished pool pieces are removed and disposed of responsibly
  • Ensuring that the work will be performed in a reasonable way that won’t disturb other residents
  • Ensuring that the void is filled in safely to prevent structural damage or danger to those walking on it

We will pull the permit for you, so all you have to do is sit back and reclaim your yard.

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